Tommie’s Favourite Sustainability Initiative: FoodBattle

Every month, one of PRé’s people talks about his or her personal favourite sustainable initiative. This can be a product or a shop, a local initiative or a new website. This month, Tommie Ponsioen will tell you a little about FoodBattle.

Reduce Your Footprint: Stop Food Waste!

I really have a hard time seeing my kids spoil lots of food and drink every day. And I realize that it’s not only little children who cause heaps of food waste: we adults also have some bad habits… The Global food losses and food waste report by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) showed in 2011 that about 100 kg of food is wasted per person per year in North America and Europe. I think this is shocking and that we really need to do something about it!


Local and central governments were also shaken by the FAO report and initiated campaigns to raise awareness and provide tips on how to shop smartly, store food efficiently, and eat consciously. An example of this is the GreenCook initiative. GreenCook is a project that aims for a significant reduction of food waste in North-western Europe, where the issue is most urgent.


Meeting The Challenge Together

In the Netherlands, there is FoodBattle. FoodBattle is an interactive way for households to prevent food waste. Together with colleagues, friends, and others, you try to throw away as little food as you can during a three week period. The FoodBattle pilot showed that a waste reduction of about 20% is possible. Trainers guide the participants by giving tips and tricks. About food storage, for example: you should not store tomatoes and tropical fruit in the fridge.

The FoodBattle project is sponsored by the Dutch Government and the GreenCook project.


What Can You Do?

Take a look at to see if there’s a Battle you can join. Or search for “food waste” in your browser and see what initiatives are being organized in your country. To get started reducing your food waste today, check out this website for top tips.


Next in this series is Caspar, who will tell us about his favourite sustainable initiative next month.

Tommie Ponsioen

Tommie worked for PRé as a Technical Consultant from 2012 until 2015. As a part of the Consultancy Team, he worked with databases and methods. Tommie collaborated in projects such as Prosuite and improving the ReCiPe method.

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