PRé at the Life Cycle Management 2019 conference in Poland

EVENT | From 1st to 4th of September the city of Poznan in Poland will be the epicentre of the LCA community. The city will host the international LCM 2019 conference, one of the most important conferences in the field of life cycle thinking, where PRé will be broadly present. Since sharing, collaborating and empowering are in our veins, we will present our work and our vision on how the LCA community could increase their impact and contribute to a better world.

Life Cycle Management 2019: towards sustainable future

Life Cycle Management (LCM) 2019 is an international conference which will take place on September 1-4 in Poznan, Poland. The LCM series is established as one of the leading conferences in the field of environmental, economic and social sustainability. The unique feature of LCM is developing practical solutions for the implementation of life cycle approaches into strategic and operational decision-making. The conference brings together decision-makers from science, industry, NGOs and public bodies worldwide.

This year, the 9th edition of the LCM conference is organized under the title “Towards sustainable future: current challenges and prospects in life cycle management”. The event is expected to host more than 600 attendees who will share the latest developments in the field. PRé is proud to be a Platinum sponsor this year, which gives us the great opportunity to keep you informed of our latest developments and continue to develop valuable collaboration. 

Meet PRé team and get to know the ‘why’ and the ‘how’

PRé team is actively participating in a number of sessions, from keynote speeches to workshops.

September 1, Sunday

Using SimaPro for PEF/OEF studies | side event
Workshop by Marisa Vieira | Room 028BT | Sunday, September 1, 18.15-19.30
Right after the EF training provided by the European Commission, we will organize a get-together to show how SimaPro can be used to do PEF/OEF studies. Snacks and drinks included. 


September 2, Monday

Taking LCA to the next level 
Keynote speech by Eric Mieras | 11.00-12.00
Our Managing Director Eric Mieras will share why we need to take LCA to the next level and which key success factors play a role in that development. The LCA community is a relatively small group of experts, but the need for sound metrics on environmental and social impacts is huge, and it is growing every day. Only if we can change our approach and scale ourselves up, we will be able to facilitate this demand.

Differences between Social and Environmental LCA
Presentation by Mark Goedkoop | Session “Strengthen LCM by Blending Approaches”, 13.30-15.00
Social LCA is not just normal LCA with some other impact categories. There are fundamental differences in which you can collect data, interpret this and communicate about these. This presentation identifies these differences and explores the consequences for social LCA methodology development. It is based on the learnings from the development of the metrics for Product Social Metrics Roundtable. 

Forum: Towards implementation of Product Social Metrics | side event
Mark Goedkoop and Ilonka de Beer | Room 028BT | Monday, September 2, 17.00-19.00
The Product Social metrics RoundTable is a joined effort from over a dozen companies to develop a pragmatic, robust consensus methodology for Product Social Metrics, or Social LCA. In year 6 the companies have applied the updated methodology in cases and worked on an Implementation Guide. During the Forum some member companies will present a variety of case studies and share their experiences. We will also present guidance on how you as a company can start with the implementation. 


September 3, Tuesday

Sustainability of Agri-Food Products | session
Session chaired by Marisa Vieira | 10.30-12.00
There are specific issues when assessing the sustainability of agri-food products. This is why there is a session dedicated to these. Our Principal Consultant Marisa Vieira will co-chair this session. There we will cover the following topics: extension of shelf life of food; geoprocessing to estimate the variation of carbon stock in soil and biomass; LCA of peat substitutes; diet variability of Belgian citizens; harmonizing the rules for environmental footprinting for horticultural products; and LCC of urban food production.

Hortifootprint: Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules for Horticulture in the making 

Presentation by Marisa Vieira | Session “Sustainability of Agri-Food Products”, 10.30-12.00

The demand for sustainably produced horticultural products is increasing. To meet this the Hortifootprint project was recently launched to develop a uniform standard methodology that will be applicable to all horticultural products and that will be adopted across the whole horticultural value chain. At the oral presentation, Marisa will share the most important outcomes and learnings.

Applicability of the Environmental Footprint (EF) methodology in Southern Mediterranean countries
Presentation by Laura Golsteijn | Session “LCA in EU Policy”, 13.30-15.00
Life cycle thinking and life cycle based techniques have become mature, moving from their academic origins and limited uses primarily in-house in large companies to more powerful approaches, ready to use in various applications, among others in policies. This session is intended to be a forum for discussing the potential for using the life cycle management and the life cycle approaches in EU and international policies.

A novel way to make large-scale benchmarking feasible and everlasting

Presentation by Marisa Vieira | Session “LCA in EU Policy”, 13.30-15.00
For developing a PEFCR, the model of a European representative product (RP) per product category needs to be determined. At the presentation, Marisa will propose a top-down approach for modelling representative products to represent highly diverse product groups with manageable data collection efforts.

Identifying the sustainability stars in your product portfolio

Presentation by Eric Mieras | Session “Sustainability as a Part of Supply Chain and Product Portfolio Management”, 15.30-17.00

Footprinting at Supply Chain level: Insights in the carbon footprint of raw milk from all Dutch dairy farms
Presentation by Anne Gaasbeek | Session “Sustainability as a Part of Supply Chain and Product Portfolio Management”, 15.30-17.00​​

SimaPro User Session | side event
Jori Coustillas and Anneke Haringsma | Room 028BT | Tuesday, September 3, 17.00-18.15​​

We invite you to join our session where you can get up to speed with the latest SimaPro developments, including the online modules. 


September 4, Wednesday

Creating the Data Infrastructure for Circular Economy and LCM based strategies 
Session chaired by Eric Mieras, 13.30-15.00

Visit our booth 

Please feel welcome at our interactive booth anytime during the conference! You can also schedule a meeting with us. We will be delighted to share insights and discuss your case.

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More sessions to attend

In a parallel session “Strengthen LCM by Blending Approaches” Bo Weidema (2.-0 LCA Consultants) will present a life cycle impact pathway framework for the SDGs, a project commissioned by UNEP Life Cycle Initiative that we work on together. Our former employee Diana Indrane will go into the Handbook for Product Social Impact Assessment 2018, a joint development with industry that started over 5 years ago. These presentations will show how relevant impact categories and KPI’s can be generated based on LCA knowledge. New indicators, but then for circularity, is also something Mantijn van Leeuwen (NIBE) will dive into, based on a collaborative effort on Circular Building in which PRé also played a pivotal role.

On September 4 in the session “Creating the Data Infrastructure for Circular Economy and LCM based strategies” Pieter Callewaert from Østfoldforskning will tell you more about the Proof of Concept for the NorEnviro project in which PRé is a partner. The project aims to make the data from Norwegian Research Institutes more easily accessible as sharing data is essential in increasing the use of LCA. 

Of course, there is much more than just us. The full program is available at the LCM website. Visit, for instance, presentations of our colleagues from thinkstep, Harald Florin, or Ifu, Martina Prox, to hear how they envision the future. In the end we can only tackle this huge challenge we face together. Or you can attend sessions by one of our SimaPro partners (Erik Hognes, Nydia Suppen, Niels Jungbluth, Christop Meili, Tim Grant) or one of our database partners (Gregor Wernet, Emilia Moreno, Chris Mutel). And if you need a break, don’t hesitate to visit our stand.

More information about the conference and program can be found on the LCM 2019 website

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