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Thanks to an effective website and a well-respected consulting practice, SimaPro UK Ltd. is a valuable member of PRé’s global partner network. With their unbiased expertise and dedication to customer service, SimaPro UK is helping to advance the sustainability agenda throughout the United Kingdom

A Singular Focus on Customer Satisfaction

SimaPro UK Ltd. is unique amongst the PRé partners in its singular focus. “We are highly dedicated to the SimaPro customer,” explained Director Jessica Parker of the company, which sells PRé’s LCA software throughout England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.

A focused website is a part of what makes SimaPro UK such a success. “The website is solely devoted to SimaPro, which works in terms of customer experience as well as visibility,” Parker explained. “The customer doesn’t have to wade through a website to find the section devoted to the LCA software.” This approach has proved extremely successful, as the SimaPro UK website. “We get inquiries from all around the world,” said Parker, “And we are happy to be a team player with the rest of the PRé partner network. Because SimaPro UK has one goal: “We want our clients to have a great customer experience. Simple, straightforward, and fast.”

SimaPro UK’s consulting arm, SustainMetrics, works with many UK and US companies on their sustainability goals — from British fashion brand Dunhill to American renewable oil company G-Oil. The company is also known for its peer reviews. “If someone does an in-house LCA using SimaPro, we can advise them and provide an external verification statement,” Parker said. These services are successful, in part, because of SustainMetrics’s reputation. “Clients come to us because of our independent, unbiased expertise,” said Parker. “They know they’re getting genuine science.”

Local Connections, Global Expertise

A desire to foster better, more focused customer support was the impetus behind the formation of the PRé-SimaPro UK partnership. “People expect local support, and are often wary of ordering or discussing something with a different country,” Parker said. “What we provide for the United Kingdom is a knowledge of UK developments, like how and why British companies and universities are using SimaPro, and how we can tie the software into various popular corporate and government strategies.”

And at the center of all these local outposts across the globe is PRé. “PRé is excellent as an international center of expertise,” said Parker. “We deal with about 90 percent of the support calls we receive, but the remaining 10 percent, which are usually about tricky network questions, we refer to PRé.”

It is this collaboration that Parker believes best serves clients. “Being able to connect corporate sustainability drivers with sustainability software tools is what a lot of clients want,” said Parker. “They want metrics that tie in with their wider sustainability initiatives. Together we can offer that.”

Sustainability: A Serious, Evidence-based Enterprise

“Things are changing,” said Parker. “It used to be that you had technical enthusiasts within companies who carried out interesting LCA studies using SimaPro. The technical department was sometimes quite isolated from high-level corporate strategy. But what we’re moving toward now is that executive boards are requesting sustainability strategies and metrics, and the tools to support them. The demand is now from the top.”

As a company, Parker believes that SimaPro UK and SustainMetrics have helped contribute to this worldwide acceptance. “We understand what our clients need,” she explained. “And we help make the whole sustainability issue more evidence-based. People aren’t just making vague claims, they have clear metrics, thanks to LCA and SimaPro.”

Moving forward, the company is interested in using SimaPro to assist in broader sustainability issues, in the corporate as well as the public sector. Parker sees a more integrated future for sustainability initiatives. “With a great software system combined with consulting services, we can tie everything together and build sustainability metrics into the heart of the corporate agenda.

“Sustainability is evolving from a warm and fuzzy issue to a more serious, evidence-based enterprise,” Parker said. “People want real, measured progress, and that’s a good thing.” With a focused website, a team of experts, and the power of the PRé global partner network, SimaPro UK is poised to encourage sustainability adoption across the United Kingdom.

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