Impact measurement & valuation

From ideal to strategy

We are entering the decade of delivery for sustainability. Sustainability will be held to account more than ever and brought into the arena of strategic decision making. To do this, impact measurement and valuation (IMV) is key: a systematic way to measure the impact of the core activities of a company.

With impact measurement and valuation, your company can manage risks, optimize costs and seize opportunities, well beyond the customary reporting and informing. IMV supports companies in achieving ambitious targets, operationalizing business objectives and engaging with suppliers, customers and other value chain partners.

Quantifying your sustainability results

If your company is looking to develop a true picture of its value, PRé can assist by setting up an integrated, robust impact measurement and valuation framework. Your IMV framework will be designed to be the single source of truth for all teams within your company, providing them with the insights they need.

With the framework in place, you can measure the impacts of your products and services on three sustainability pillars: environmental, social and economic. The impact measurement and valuation results are quantified, hard figures that can be positive or negative, depending on whether value is being created or destroyed.

Substantiate and achieve your sustainability goals

With an impact measurement and valuation procedure firmly in place, you can report your impact and manage your performance on environmental, social and economic impact. You can monitor your performance over the years and between different products and services.

Another benefit is being able to compare innovations: identifying hotspots and understanding opportunities to reduce impact.

IMV also contributes to substantiating targets. The insights you gain can be used for larger sustainability strategies such as contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals and other science-based targets.

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