Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Contributing to a global movement

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 high-level goals for a better planet, ranging from ending poverty and providing education for all to protection of the climate, the land and the oceans.

The goals are defined on a global level, and more and more companies are realizing that they have an important role to play when it comes to reaching the SDGs. Contributing to the SDGs can also create business value and help to manage risks.

But which SDGs are most relevant for your organization? How can you implement the SDGs? And how can you report your progress on the SDGs?

Tie your company’s strategy to the SDGs

We can help you select the most relevant Sustainable Development Goals for your company and implement them into your company strategy, decision-making process and day-to-day business. We can also help you investigate, monitor and report the contribution of your company and products to the SDGs.

SDG consulting is based on the bottom-up knowledge, data and methodology that are so important in the field of life cycle assessment. In delivering these services, we build upon our decade-long experience with sustainability metrics and life cycle thinking.

Reach your goals with fact-based information

Together, we can determine how your organization contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals, so you can set ambitious goals and accelerate your progress towards reaching these global goals. This will give your organization tangible opportunities and fact-based information that can help to reach your ambitions for the SDGs.

Join our project to connect the SDGs to LCA

PRé is working on a project that links the Sustainable Development Goals to life cycle information. The project was initiated by the UNEP Life Cycle Initiative and is executed in collaboration with the LCA consultancy bureau 2.-0 LCA. The project brings the qualitative and quantitative impact pathway thinking from life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) to bear on the 17 SDGs. The goal is to create a qualitative screening approach and a fully quantified metrics solution, which we are currently testing with our project partners. If you are interested in participating as well, please get in touch.

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