Eco-design and product development

What is the impact of your design decisions?

When you are developing a new product, you have to make many decisions that influence its eventual environmental impact. For example, the material type and production processes. The product development stage is a great time to consider the potential environmental consequences of alternatives, include this information in the decision making process and design more environmentally friendly products.

A proactive eco-design approach requires an early, high-level estimation of the environmental impacts, so you can immediately start applying these insights in your decision making.

Boosting your product development processes

We can help product development teams make robust eco-design decisions by providing the necessary early impact estimates. We can do this in several ways:

  • In a high-level screening LCA, PRé experts use average industry data to provide quick yet robust insight into the relevant design choices.
  • With a tailored interactive web tool, product developers can assess their design choices in real time, for example comparing different material choices or production methods.
  • Linking your tools to our LCA software incorporates sustainability data in the process you already use.

Better products, created with better data

PRé will provide you with the insights you need during the product development process to make well-informed, fact-based decisions. Our proactive, quantitative eco-design approach puts you ahead of the curve compared to the competition, and we’ll be there to provide new insights every step of the way.

At PRé, we have LCA experts who have a background in product development, so they are familiar with product development stages and terminology and can integrate seamlessly into your team. Our experience in this field makes us a great partner in all stages of product development.

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