Product environmental footprint (PEF)

PEF: an assessment method you can’t do without

These days, there are hundreds of labels conveying environmental information. This proliferation means that even with the best intentions, consumers don’t know which product to buy and businesses don’t know which supplier to source from.

The European Commission (EC) developed the product environmental footprint (PEF) method to support valid product comparisons. Recently, the EC also announced that the European Green Deal will use PEF metrics. Product environmental footprinting will soon become very important, so this is the time to start using this method and get ahead of the curve.

Start building PEF capacity today

Although product environmental footprint studies are very new, our experts are very knowledgeable on this topic and happy to support you. We can do PEF studies for your most important products, so you know where you stand and how to improve. If a specific PEF category rule (PEFCR) exists for your product type, we will use that for the study. If not, we will use the generic PEF method.

After the first PEF study we do for you, we can help you to build in-house PEF capacity and give you the baseline LCA model we built for you in SimaPro. With this in place, you will be able to create future product environmental footprints independently.

Show how your products stand out compared to others

With PEF results in hand, you can inform consumers and customers about the environmental performance of your products. Because the methodology is standardized, the results are credible and based on sector consensus.

Comparability was a clear objective of the European Commission when developing the PEF rules. You can compare your product’s environmental footprint to similar products or to the European benchmark, and gain competitive advantage and credibility.

The future policy is likely to require PEF metrics, both those related to the European Green Deal and existing schemes, so start preparing now!

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