Social Hotspots database now available for SimaPro LCA software

The Social Hotspots Database system license is now available in the SimaPro LCA software. This database is the first comprehensive database for performing Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA).

Database for social life cycle assessment

The Social Hotspots Database system is based on the Global Trade Analysis Project Version 7 (GTAP) 113-region static input-output model containing data pertaining to 57 economic sectors. This input-output model is used to provide estimates of the sector- and country-specific activity in product supply chains.  The system also calculates worker hours for each activity in the supply chain.

These labor hour intensity factors are used together with the social risk level characterizations, in order to express social risks and opportunities in terms of work hours, by sector and country, at a given level of risk relative to each of over 100 different indicators.

A social life cycle impact assessment method based on New Earth’s Social Hotspots Index makes it possible to get results on 5 impact categories in addition to disaggregated results by theme and indicator. These categories are Labor rights and Decent Work, Human Rights, Health and Safety, Governance and Community. Users also have the possibility to create and implement their own life cycle impact assessment method.

Assessments in SimaPro

Using the Social Hotspot database in SimaPro enables you to do assessments such as the following:

  • Select a product category, sold in a given country, and estimate the global supply chain for it, based on GTAP trade data, in a static global IO model (113 regions, 57 sectors each)
  • Estimate the worker hours associated with each of the “country-specific sectors” in the supply chain; this helps identify which production activities are labor-intensive in the supply chain.
  • Identify processes with significant worker hours which are also at elevated risk relative to specific indicators relating to human rights, labor rights, health and safety, community impacts, and governance.

More information

  • Compatible with: All versions of SimaPro
  • Price: Check out the database page on SimaPro website
  • Website: Social Hotspot Database
  • Developer: New Earth and Life Cycle Strategies Pty Ltd. The SHDB project aims to foster greater collaboration in improving social conditions worldwide by providing the data and tools necessary for improved visibility of social hotspots in product supply chains.

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