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The financial world has really started to understand the importance of environmental and social impact. Climate change and loss of biodiversity pose a high financial risk, but can also be an opportunity to gain competitive advantage in sustainable finance. Frontrunners in the industry have embraced impact measurement and valuation as a method to assess the financial sustainability of their company or portfolio. This provides insights that help companies go beyond reporting, allowing them to actively manage their sustainable finance performance, innovate their products and services and substantiate their targets.

Decisively manage sustainability risks

With our fact-based approach, PRé has helped companies transition to more sustainable finance practices and become more resilient to future changes and risks. For ASN Bank, for instance, we developed a method to measure the biodiversity impact of their portfolio; we also participate in building the Platform Biodiversity Assessment for Financials (PBAF). Our experts have been involved in the development of the EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance, which helps investors, companies, issuers and project promoters navigate the transition to a low-carbon, resilient and resource-efficient economy. In addition to these more far-reaching projects, we also do assessments to help individual companies meet their reporting requirements.

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