Making the circular economy work for your company

Many companies, governments and even the European Commission have set ambitious roadmaps to become part of the circular economy, where waste materials are used to create new products.

But how do you adopt and implement circular strategies? And how can you evaluate if these new product designs, business models and services are truly capturing the value of the circular economy? That is the challenge for entities on all levels.

Assessing and integrating circular ideals

At PRé, we can help you combine the inspirational principles of the circular economy with the robustness of life cycle assessment. As a result, you’ll be able to actually measure the circularity performance of your products and services.

Our approach uses dynamic models, databases, robust methodologies, training and tools to find optimal solutions that work in both worlds. Our assessment uses the Materiality Circularity Indicator methodology from the Ellen McArthur Foundation.

We also offer tailor-made tools that can integrate with your sustainability platform to help you monitor your performance and speed up decision making.

Implementing inspirational ideas in practice

Without a robust methodology, the concept of the circular economy has the tendency to stay inspirational rather than become practical. With our approach, you will receive circularity scores for your product or service, which can be used for benchmarking and mitigation strategies.

You will also receive a dynamic model that will allow you to independently measure your circularity scores, compare scenarios and integrate your assessment with LCA metrics. As a result, you will have a holistic sustainability overview, which includes both environmental impacts and a circular economy score.

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