The right data is crucial for an honest assessment

High quality data is essential for reliable life cycle assessment (LCA). However, the data available in existing life cycle inventory (LCI) databases may be too outdated or generic to accurately reflect your product.

This means it is very valuable for industry associations to develop their own datasets. Good averaged LCI datasets development helps you disseminate accurate information across the sector, increase the quality of LCAs for relevant products and give your members a benchmark to compare their products against. To entice members to share their product data, industry associations often give them a company-specific dataset in return.

Datasets that correctly describe your products

At PRé, we have decades of experience in LCA consultancy and software developments, so we are well-suited to support your organization with LCI data development.

The datasets we develop can follow the European Commission’s Environmental Footprint guidelines and be compatible with the ecoinvent database. We use common LCA data formats such as ILCD and ecoSpold, making your data compatible with all major LCA software.

With an LCI data development project, you can gain detailed results per product, identify the most impactful materials and life cycle stages and find improvement opportunities.

PRé also helps companies interested in developing an LCI dataset on their own initiative.

Better insights, efficiency and competitiveness

Developing and sharing LCI data puts your organization in control: you know that the LCI data you provide is representative and recent. This ensures that your product is accurately represented in studies done by third parties.

For industry associations, we can deliver both industry-average datasets and company-specific datasets. Sharing these with the members that provided data can encourage them to contribute. Your members will gain valuable insights for themselves and their customers. In this way, you help your members increase their production efficiency and competitiveness.

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