Product category rules (PCR)

Supporting environmental reporting in your sector

As an industry association, you can help your members gain a competitive edge by helping them communicate objectively about the environmental performance of their products and allow comparisons amongst competitors. Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), a type of report based on life cycle assessment (LCA), are a popular way to do this. Because they are based on ISO standards and specific product category rules (PCR), EPD results are relevant, verified and comparable. However, product category rules do not yet exist for all products in the market, which leaves many companies unable to communicate about the environmental performance of their products in a comparable way.

Your partner for PCR development

Several industry associations have already stepped up to develop product category rules for the products in their sector, as one of the ways to help ease communication about environmental performance. If you’d like to do the same for the sector you represent, PRé can be a great partner.

We can develop or review PCRs for the main products in your sector, and help your members with the practical aspects of sustainability communication and EPDs.

Better sustainability communication and reduced environmental impact

By generating product category rules for your industry, you can provide a harmonized sector approach to LCAs for specific product categories, which will help your members communicate all relevant environmental information along a product’s value or supply chain. Members can also use these reports to identify hotspots: the materials, processes or life cycle stages that have the highest contribution to the environmental impact of the product. This information allows them to look for ways to reduce the environmental impact of the sector.

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