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Transitioning to a sustainable food system is a tremendous challenge. The way agriculture is set up today has a huge impact on the environment, most notably on climate change, water use, biodiversity and land use. Still, the need for food will only grow in the coming decades. It is essential to reduce the impact of agriculture, food and beverages and to change the food system as a whole.

To make a change towards sustainable food and beverage production, it is important to get the facts right about the current impact and then make strategic choices. Many companies in the sector have already taken up this challenge and worked with us to get insight into their impacts and impact reduction potential. This transition will be further accelerated by policies from forward-looking governments, like the European Commission’s Farm to Fork strategy.

A partner in food and beverage sustainability

As an example of how PRé can support the food and beverage sector with actionable insights, PRé helped the Dutch dairy sector calculate the impact of all 16,000 dairy farmers on an annual basis – fully automated. We also worked with the horticulture sector to develop product category rules to calculate the impact of their products. For individual agri-products, we have developed LCAs to provide insight and to identify improvement opportunities. Our fact-based sustainability approach helps these companies to operate more sustainably, to develop sustainable innovations, to position themselves as leaders in sustainable food and beverage and to manage their environment-related risks.

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