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Sustainability insights accessible to all

The time is right for a new generation of sustainability tools

In recent years, many companies have developed tools to make sustainability insights accessible and understandable for everyone within the company – product designers, marketeers, CSR, procurement and more.

However, a growing number of our customers are running into the limitations of their tools, such as lack of transparency and high yearly maintenance costs. These tools are also often difficult to update unless you have expert-level skills.

Additionally, we see there a growing need for a common, accepted approach to calculating impacts and a shared underlying database. That would allow companies to increase credibility and share the cost of development.

Tools that cover the most common sustainability uses

Our custom tools have a ready-made basis that is tailored to your organizational needs. The underlying life cycle assessment model is built in the world-class SimaPro web platform – trusted by thousands of environmental experts – and then linked to the easy-to-use business interface. No steep investment cost and no worry about maintenance and updates.

Currently we are providing the following tools and more:

  • EPD tool to cost-efficiently create multiple EPDs
  • Packaging tool for quick insight into the environmental impact of your packaging
  • Plastics tool about the impact of different plastics
  • Carbon footprint tool to quickly calculate your scope 1 and 2 emissions

We are always developing new tools. If you’re missing a solution for which you think there is a wider need, please do not hesitate to contact us! We would be happy to discuss the possibilities.

A sustainability strategy with legitimacy and the power to drive change

By using one of our customized out-of-the-box SimaPro solutions you can be assured that you can create innovative products and services around robust, science-based metrics. With a single source of truth for reporting the environmental performance of your company, services or products, you can set targets and manage your performance interactively and intuitively.

As a result, using sustainability information becomes easy and very cost-efficient for everyone in your company.

Your company-specific data is kept secure and confidential on our ISO 27001-certified platform, and a support center available for your questions

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